I realized how hard but insanely rewarding motherhood is. I also realized those little moments you want to hold onto slip by so fast. My daughter’s eyes finding mine. The first time she giggled at her dad. The sense of peace as she napped on my chest. One minute my daughter was a little squish I was holding in my arms, then I blinked and now she is running around and giving me all the kisses. As a fellow mom, I know how fleeting these moments are (and honestly how hard to remember haha!).

Which is why I made it my mission as a photographer to capture those fleeting, yet sacred moments for other mamas. 

Because they matter!

Hi! I'm Rachel!!

I’m an easy going, goofy mom to a 1.5 year old daughter and baby #2 on the way. I serve families and moms-to-be all over Northern Colorado to capture your growing family! My style is laid-back, real, and fun. My goal is to make your feel comfortable in front of the camera and capture those moments you don’t want to miss before they’re gone. 

When I became a mom, my world completely changed.

I met my husband Caleb in college. We got married in July 2018 at the Tapestry House here in Colorado.

If you meet him, I know you will find something in common with him because he has a large range of interests :)

We welcomed our first daughter to the world in 2022.

Becoming a parent has been the most rewarding and difficult things I have ever done. 

And now I LOVE taking pictures of babies!

We are expecting baby #2 in spring of 2024. 

I am nervous and excited to go from a family of three to a family of four!

I started this business with the goal to be a stay home mom.

I quit my job as a high school math teacher, and now I'm pursing my love of photography while taking care of my sweet babies!

In 2019, we rescued Hunter.

He loves walks, exploring, sleeping, and getting pet.

Having a dog is so much fun, and he helps me get outside!

I love...
  • Short Hair
  • Iced Coffee
  • Reading - currently love historical fiction and sci fi 
  • Home Décor
  • Fall
  • Fun dresses
  • Laughter

Fun Facts About Me


Rachel is a talented photographer with a great eye! She made the session fun and captured my personality so well. She is easy to talk to and work with. I haven't gotten my photos taken in a while, and I love how they turned out. She kept the session lighthearted and fun with a little bit of adventure, which was perfect for me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Thank you, Rachel!

Rachel is easy to talk to and work with...

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