Hi there! My name is Rachel, and I’m a lifestyle photographer based in Northern Colorado! I grew up with my parents making me take a “birthday present picture” every year, and honestly that is one of the reasons I love photography. The celebrations that a picture captures is something I can always look back on to make me smile.

I love taking pictures of people in ALL stages of celebration, whether that is walking down the aisle, bringing new life into the world, or simply freezing the moment in time before your kiddos are too big! My hope is to capture your uniqueness and your celebration in a photo.

The photos we will take are fun and timeless. Stress-free and memorable. I want to help create something that will make you reminisce in 10 years.

So, stick around, find out a little more about me, and let's start planning your session!

Your friend + photographer

Heyyy, it's me, Rachel

I met my husband Caleb in college. We got married in July 2018 at the Tapestry House here in Colorado.

If you meet him, I know you will find something in common with him because he has a large range of interests :)

We welcomed our daughter to the world in 2022.

Becoming a parent has been the most rewarding and difficult things I have ever done. 

And now I LOVE taking pictures of babies!

I started this business with the goal to be a stay home mom.

I quit my job as a high school math teacher, and now I'm pursing my love of photography while taking care of my sweet baby!

In 2019, we rescued Hunter.

He loves walks, exploring, sleeping, and getting pet.

Having a dog is so much fun, and he helps me get outside!

I love...
  • Short Hair
  • Iced Coffee
  • True Crime Podcasts
  • Home Décor
  • Fall
  • Fun dresses
  • Laughter

Fun Facts


Rachel is a talented photographer with a great eye! She made the session fun and captured my personality so well. She is easy to talk to and work with. I haven't gotten my photos taken in a while, and I love how they turned out. She kept the session lighthearted and fun with a little bit of adventure, which was perfect for me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Thank you, Rachel!

Rachel is easy to talk to and work with...

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